Iowa State graduate programs ranked among nation's best by U.S. News and World Report



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Iowa State graduate programs ranked among nation's best by U.S. News and World Report

AMES, Iowa - Iowa State University's graduate program in biological/agricultural engineering remains among the country's top five programs, and ISU's College of Engineering is among the country's top 25 public programs, according to the latest rankings published by U.S. News and World Report magazine.

Iowa State's rankings are listed in the magazine's annual "America's Best Graduate Schools" edition, published today. While U.S. News annually ranks programs in business, education, engineering, law and medicine, not all disciplines are reviewed each year. The magazine republishes older rankings for numerous programs, including those in the social sciences and humanities.

The following are new rankings for this year. (Comparisons to public universities are in parentheses for those in the top 100):

Schools of Engineering: 43rd overall (25th among publics)

  • Fifth in Biological/Agricultural Engineering (fourth among publics)
  • 20th in Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering (14th among publics)
  • 24th in Materials Engineering (15th among publics)
  • 27th in Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering (20th among publics)
  • 32nd in Chemical Engineering (20th among publics)
  • 33rd in Civil Engineering (20th among publics)
  • 38th in Electrical/Electronic/Communications Engineering (22nd among publics)
  • 38th in Mechanical Engineering (22nd among publics)
  • 41st in Environmental/Environmental Health (27th among publics)
  • 43rd in Computer Engineering (26th among publics)

Schools of Business: 64th overall (33rd among publics)
Schools of Education: 92nd overall (70th among publics)
Fine Arts: 93rd overall (58th among publics)
Public Affairs: 104th overall
Part-time M.B.A.: 180th overall

The following Iowa State graduate programs also are listed in the magazine, but were reviewed previously. These are provided in descending order:

  • Analytical Chemistry (ranked in 2010): 14th overall (14th among publics)
  • Veterinary Medicine (ranked in 2011): 17th overall (12th among publics)
  • Statistics (ranked in 2010): 20th overall (10th among publics)
  • Chemistry (ranked in 2010): 38th overall (23rd among publics)
  • Physics (ranked in 2010): 48th overall (29th among publics)
  • Economics (ranked in 2009): 54th overall (29th among publics)
  • Computer Science (ranked in 2010): 63rd overall (37th among publics)
  • Math (ranked in 2010): 68th overall (40th among publics)
  • Sociology (ranked in 2009): 72nd overall (50th among publics)
  • Psychology (ranked in 2009): 74th overall (46th among publics)
  • Biological Sciences (ranked in 2010): 82nd overall (47th among publics)
  • Earth Sciences (ranked in 2010): 89th overall (60th among publics)
  • English (ranked in 2009): 94th overall (57th among publics)
  • History (ranked in 2009): 101st overall